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Wood and Timber Testing Equipments

 testing equipments
universal tensile tester


  • Machine suitable for Tensile testing for glue, Bending test, Screw with-drawl test
  • Suitable standard IS:303, IS:1659, IS:2202(Part – 1) or other equivalent standard.
  • Suitable machine capacity up to 1000kgf
  • Computer interfacing facility with new version of DSH'S most advance and easy to operate software.
  • Report generating and test method generating customized or according to the reference standards.
  • Humidity and temperature both digital.
  • With help of computer software use can find out all results like MOR,MOE and other applicable as per standard.
  • Fixtures: wide range of DSH's fixtures suitable as per your application.
  • Floor mounting model with heavy duty structure.


  • Machine is used to conditioning of the samples at specified temperature as well as specified humidity.
  • Humidity range 50% to 95%.
  • Temperature range 20°c to 45°c.
  • Suitable standards are IS, ASTM or other equivalent standards.
  • Machine suitable for Pipes, Woven fabrics, Woods etc.
  • Humidity and temperature both digital.
  • Machine having a different sizes are available according to applications.
  • Machine having facility of boiler and condensation.
  • Wheel base machine for easy movement.
  • Full length of glass doors for inspection of samples.


  • Oven chamber size: As per requirement.
  • 12”x12”x12inches, 14”x14”x14inches, 18”x18”x18inches, 24”x24”x24inches, 36”x36”x36inches or customized size as per requirements.
  • Temperature ranges up to 200°c. Least count 0.1.(Higher temperature range on requires)
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.5°c.
  • Temperature controlling via PID controller and also in built auto-tune facility.
  • Oven design construction to minimize heat losses.
  • Body construction out side MS and inside SS.
  • Fan circulating and stirring facility to maintained uniform temperature into oven.


  • Water bath is suitable for condition purpose during pressurized condition Construction of bath inside stainless steel and outside mild steel.
  • Bath having a facility for uniform temperature and circulation.
  • Bath sizes are changeble as per customer's requirements or as per customer's finished goods material i.e pipes.
  • Digital temperature is fitted on to the machine.
  • All electrical panels are ISI mark and major components compliance with CE certifications.
  • DSH's specially designed heaters are used, heaters design and construction according to the bath size