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PE PVC PIPE Testing Equipments



  • Machine having different models with different pressure capacity.
  • All the models are work as short term as well as long term.
  • DSH having a Digital model and Analogue models.
  • All our models are air less systems; no pneumatic pumps are used for pressure development.
  • Pressure range up to 50bars, 100bars and 200bars. (as per customer's requirements) Our pressure tester having single station, three stations and up to eight stations.
  • Digital Pressure tester having facility of digital output and printer output, we also having facility of computer connectivity software.
  • Digital machine up to 100bars we provide least count 00.01bars and accuracy better than 1% of full scale.
  • Suitable standard IS, ASTM, ISO or other equivalent standard.


  • Water bath is suitable for condition purpose during pressurized condition Construction of bath inside stainless steel and outside mild steel.
  • Bath having a facility for uniform temperature and circulation.
  • Bath sizes are changeble as per customer's requirements or as per customer's finished goods material i.e pipes.
  • Digital temperature is fitted on to the machine.
  • All electrical panels are ISI mark and major components compliance with CE certifications.
  • DSH's specially designed heaters are used, heaters design and construction according to the bath size
  • Baths are design as per HOT WATER, COLD WATER, HOT& COLD WATER conditioning.


  • Machine suitable as per IS:4984, ASTM D-1238, ISO or other equivalent standard.
  • Machine having a temperature controller and timer facility.
  • Machine supplied with standard tool kit and test required loads.
  • Additional loads are also providing as per customer's request.
  • Machine having maximum temperature range up to 400°c.
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.5°c or better.
  • Highly polished barrel, die and other accessories for better accuracy and performance.
  • Power supply: single phase with earth, table top model
  • Note: customer required 0.1mg accuracy weighing balance at your end


  • Machine design and construction as per IS:4984, ASTM or ISO standard.
  • Temperature range up to 700°c.
  • Temperature least count 1°c and accuracy better than 5°c.
  • Heavy duty insulation used to minimize heat losses.
  • All glass ware and accessories are mounted on to the fabricated panel.
  • Test conducts chemical supply with the machine..
  • Power supply: single phase with earth.
  • Note: customer required 0.1mg accuracy weighing balance at your end